Essential Oil Class

Thank you for your interest in our free Beginner Essential Oil Class! Typically, this is a 5 week class that I offer every few months to those interested in learning more about essential oils, and how they can be used for health and happiness. Due to an unexpected extended health crisis, my ability to teach through this class, and give one on one attention to those taking the class has become something I am no longer able to do. But rather than simply put the class on hold until my treatments are done and I am back  in the saddle again, I had decided to simply make our Free Beginner Essential Oil Class is now available to everyone! Now, you can click on each lesson link and read through the class at your own pace, as you have the time, any time you like.  No more waiting for the next available class!  To access the lessons, simply select the lesson from the navigation menu.

For questions, or more information on essential oils, visit our Facebook page at:

Or join our essential oil education group at:

If you are not able to access Facebook, and you have any problems or questions, you can email me personally at:

Thanks for your interest in our beginner classes, we hope you enjoy the information and I look forward to being able to provide you with more classes, and information on herbs and essential oils as my health improves and allows.  I wish you all the best as you journey into this wonderful world of  amazing plants and the essential oils they provide us, and I hope they will open up a whole new realm of healing, both for mind and body.

Ashley Glassman
Real Essential Oil Education

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