Welcome To Real Essential Oil Education!

My name is Ashley Glassman, I am a wife, mother, business owner, and educator on essential oils, herbs, and natural skin care.  I live in northern Idaho, out in the country on 40 acres with a stunning view of the Palouse.  I own and operate a business called Harebrained And Happy, which offers a variety of items from quilting fabric and yarns, to home decor, teas, essential oils, and supplies for making your own skin care products.

I have over 15 years of experience working with herbs and essential oils as well as developing multiple specialized lines of skin care products.  I am currently completing my C.C.M.A. certification (Certified Clinical Master Aromatherapist) from the International Certified Aromatherapy Institute, which is their advanced course for professional aromatherapists and includes over 675 hours of study in advanced chemistry of essential oils, case studies,  advanced application, anatomy and physiology, and well as detailed disease profiles and how essential oils can be beneficial or harmful for certain conditions.  I enjoy writing and educating on aromatherapy, natural skin care and herbs.

Areas Of Expertise:  
I have worked with formulating skin care products for over 10 years primarily working with specific health conditions, allergies, and chemical sensitivities.  I developed a line of estrogen and phytoestrogen free products for Dr. Peter Eckhart, for his patients that are suffering from hormonal diseases and need to avoid many chemicals as well as natural substances in their skin care regimen.  I am a master gardener, an experienced herbalist, and have studied wildcrafting herbs, survivalism, homesteading, and nutrition as well as working as a certified nurses assistant for over 6 years, both in the Medical Surgical Unit and the Emergency Room.

Our Mission:
If you have been confused by conflicting information on essential oils, you have come to the right place!   My mission is to provide clear, easy to understand information about essential oils.  Bringing advanced chemistry and knowledge and making it accessible for everyone, not matter if they are just starting to use essential oils and herbs, or have been using them for years.  I promote safety, and provide unbiased information on which essential oil companies are good, an which ones to avoid.  I enjoy busting myths, and calling attention to false information that abounds on the internet.  Essential oils are powerful substances and should be used with respect and knowledge, and I strive to provide just that.  I offer a variety of classes, recipes, and other written, and audio information for those who desire to expand their knowledge of essential oils.

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