Did You Really Mean To Say That? Chronic Illness And Thankfulness

Anyone that has ever struggled with any type of a chronic illness has had some hurtful comments made to them at one time or another.  The sad thing is, more times than not these hurtful comments don’t come from hateful, rude people, but more often than not, well meaning (although completely ignorant) people, who are trying to be “helpful.”  Now before you go getting offended at me calling lots of nice people ignorant and putting “helpful” in quotation marks, hear me out.  First, to those of you who are sick, when someone does or says something that proves they have no idea what it is like to live with a chronic illness, GUESS WHAT?  It’s because THEY HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IT’S LIKE to live with a chronic illness!  And I am so thankful that most of the world does not understand what it is like to deal with long term illnesses, because that means they are relatively healthy!  Yes, everyone needs to grow, and learn, and be sympathetic, but if you are wanting true empathy and understanding from someone who has never been through the day in day out struggles we deal with…. well, you might as well try to milk a frog. I know it’s so easy to wish everyone would just understand and “get it”, but we forget that to have our wish all the people we love would have to go through the same hell as we are living in, and I don’t think any of us would wish that on our worst enemy.  I just wanted to put out that reminder for all of us.  Cause it is lonely, and hard being sick all the time, and people don’t understand.  But I’m so glad most people don’t.  It makes me so sad that some of my dear friends do get it all too well, because I know the horror they had to go through to understand and be empathetic.  But that being said, to those of you who are blessed enough to not be able to understand the struggles of dealing with chronic illness, please keep reading, cause I am not going to let you off the hook just because you haven’t had to live through it.

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