Young Living Essential Oils: Answering The Questions

I have written this blog to answer all of the questions I get about why I am not a distributor for Young Living when I am such a HUGE fan of essential oils. Hopefully this will clearly address the reasons I personally am not a distributor, and do not actively promote YL products.  It is certainly NOT my intention to offend anyone who uses and loves YL products or anyone who distributes them.  My intention is education, and awareness.  You are free to do with the information as you please!

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Company Review: DoTerra

DoTerra Essential Oils

Until about a year and a half ago I had never used DoTerra’s oils, even though I had been hearing about the company for a few years.   DoTerra started when a few people who used to work at Young Living (another large essential oil company) branched out because they felt they could produce higher quality oils than were being manufactured at Young Living.  The company started in 2008, and has grown by leaps and bounds since then.  I in  no way claim to know everything about this company, or it’s oils, but I will will share with you my thoughts both pro’s and con’s and you can weigh them all out for yourself.

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