It’s A Wonderful Life….Or Is It?

It’s seem like no matter how many movies come out with the same story line as “It’s A Wonderful Life”, I always feel that somehow my life must the the exception.   Surely the bad things that I work so hard on, and the past that I wish could be erased, or the prayers that go for years unanswered are the things that keep my life from being what it is supposed to be, not in fact the cornerstones that hold up everything that is good in my life today.  I know, I know, all the movies say it’s not true.  If all the “bad” things were suddenly gone, it would somehow upset the “balance” of life and some colossal chain of events would alter my thinking forever and I would end up completely bewildered with what I wished my life could be, and be left in a miserable heap begging for my “old life” back.

But the reality of day in day out life is never that sudden revelation that all is well, or that life altering visit from ghosts of Christmas past.

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